Bear Rapid 5 Capacity Multi-function Egg Cooker ZDQ-B05C1

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【One-key Function】 One-key frying function, one-stop solution to delicious breakfast, non-stick baking tray, easier to clean
【9.5-hour Preset】 9.5-hour pre-set schedule available, Pre-set at night for the breakfast; Pre-set before leaving home for dessert after work.
【Auto-shutoff Function】 Dry-proof protection, automatically turn off when the water-dried at the cooking
【6-Function-in-One】 6 major functions, can heat foods / vegetable puree / custard / boiled eggs / steamed cereals / heat preservation, steaming, special fry function give you more choice for the breakfast.
【Ceramic Materials】Ceramic materials are preferred without odor to make health, and safe food

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