Bear Wearable Breast Pump XNQ-E05C5

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  • 🌸【Hands-Free and Wearable Design】This breast pump features a hands-free and wearable design that liberates mothers from the constraints of traditional breast pumps. It allows multitasking while pumping, aligning perfectly with the demands placed on busy modern mothers. It is lightweight and requires no wires or outlets to work, totally freely for pumping anytime anywhere, even when driving, traveling, etc.
  • 🌸【Smart Display for User-Friendliness】The inclusion of a smart display provides real-time information about the pumping session, making it easy for users to monitor the duration of pumping, current working mode, and intensity. This feature allows for precise adjustments, enhancing the overall pumping experience.
  • 🌸【Customizable Pumping Experience】With 9 levels and 4 modes, this breast pump allows you to customize your pumping experience to meet your specific needs. It replicates a baby's natural sucking pattern well, optimizing milk production. It also includes a memory function and automatically switches off after 20 minutes for convenience and efficiency.
  • 🌸【Quiet and Discreet 】This hands-free breast pump operates quietly and discreetly, ensuring it won't disturb a sleeping baby or attract unwanted attention. Its compact, discreet unit comfortably fits entirely inside your bra, allowing mothers to pump confidently, whether in the office or on the go.
  • 🌸【Easy and Convenient】The tidy and unique design of this pump results in fewer parts that require cleaning, making it incredibly easy to assemble and disassemble. In summary, it's an excellent breast pump that we highly recommend, and it also makes for a thoughtful gift idea for new mothers, perfect for occasions like birthdays, baby showers, or Christmas.