Bear Small Dough Maker HMJ-A35Q2 3.5L 120W

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  • Constant temperature resting between 25-38°C (77-100.4°F) allows the dough to rise quickly.
  • Cross-cone shaped lid ensures the dough receives even pressure, preventing it from floating upwards. It kneads the dough downwards, giving it a firm and quality texture.
  • 120W consistent-speed motor provides even kneading, ensuring the dough is well-mixed and has the right texture.
  • Multi-dimensional 304 stainless steel mixing blade pulls the dough swiftly, ensuring health and safety.
  • Large 3.5-liter capacity, capable of mixing dough weighing from 250g up to 1.75 kg, sufficient for a meal without wastage.
  • The noise level of the mixer is only slightly louder than regular typing, ensuring a quiet operation.
How to Use:

  • Place the desired amount of flour in the bowl. Set the function, and wait for the "beep-beep" notification to indicate the task is complete.

  • During the machine's operation, you can directly open the cross-cone shaped lid to add ingredients/spices.
  • After selecting the desired menu with the knob, press "confirm" to adjust the mixing/resting time.
  • Do not let the machine knead continuously for more than 40 minutes. After one kneading session, allow the machine to cool for 30-40 minutes before using it again.
  • The instruction manual includes select recipes and product usage guidelines. Please ensure you read them carefully.