Bear Electric Rice Noodle Roll Steamer CFJ-A80B2 Cheong Fun Machine 8L

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  • It has bigger capacity, 6 major functions such as rice rolls, pasta, fish, seafood, miscellaneous grains, and heat preservation. It can be used for three meals a day.
  • It has 3 steaming trays, which can be steamed in two layers at the same time. It only needs 3 simple steps to easily DIY rice rolls at home.
  • It adopts an energy-gathering ring design, quickly heats up to produce steam, and the food is fresh and tender without being caught
  • It can make an appointment for 9.5 hours, allowing you to enjoy the delicious breakfast anytime
  • It adopts a juice tray structure, which can separate dripping juice, which is hygienic and easy to clean
  • It adopts a square shape, which can fit both round and square dishes, and has a large space utilization
  • Tips: Except for the stainless steel steaming tray, other machines and accessories cannot be cleaned in the dishwasher!
  • Download the User Manual in CN Version , EN Version, FR Version