Bear 2in1 Multifunctional Pot & Steamer DRG-C18L1 2.5L 800W

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  • Features: Infinity temperature control, Reservation, Heat preservation, Anti-dry burning, frying/baking/frying/washing/boiling/pot/steaming
  • Appointment time: 9h
  • Insulation duration: 2h
  • Color: White
  • Inner liner material: Aluminum alloy inner liner, non-stick coating
  • Pot diameter :240 (mm)
  • Pot body height: 80 (mm)
  • Pot mouth diameter: 200 (mm)
  • Food contact surface material: Teflon
  • Capacity (L) :2.5L
  • specification
  • Product size (mm) :264*210*264
  • Rated power (W) :800W
  • Rated voltage (V) :120V
  • Product net weight (kg) :1.27kg
  • Gross weight: 1.89kg
Matters needing attention
1. When cooking porridge, it is suggested to open the lid to avoid overflowing the pot.
2. The product has the function of high temperature overheat protection and anti-dry burning protection. When the temperature is too high, the machine will automatically break off, and can be restarted after the temperature drops.
3. The power cord can be removed for easy storage.
4. When cleaning, please do not put the whole machine in the sink for cleaning. The pot can be washed with water and the pot can be swabbed with wet cloth.